College Alumni Mentoring Series (CAMS)

The College Alumni Mentoring Series engages students and alumni in mentoring relationships to help students determine how their current academic paths coincide with career aspirations. The series is composed of events that help to facilitate students’ understanding of life beyond Penn.

  • Mentoring Meals (small groups of students and an alum, usually over lunch)
  • Themed Programs (larger audience of students and a panel of alumni from a particular field)

These meetings are not intended to be job interviews or a means to securing an internship, but instead provide an opportunity to build a relationship with alumni who want to share their life experiences and advice with current students. We would hope that mentors and students maintain an on-going dialogue without expectations of future employment opportunities.

The mentoring meals allow a small group of eight to twelve students the opportunity to meet with an alum to talk about their personal interests and goals in a smaller, relaxed setting. Themed programs tend to be larger, and give students an opportunity to experience a spectrum of career opportunities within a specific field by interacting with a panel of alumni and their fellow students.

Upcoming CAMS Events