Free Electives give you the freedom to pursue interests that may lie outside the major and that extend beyond those addressed in the General Education Curriculum.

You can take a course in a field you  may have not otherwise encountered, explore a subject introduced in a General Requirement course, learn about a subject that sheds light on a potential major, study abroad, pursue a second major or minor or investigate any other area of interest.

Using Free Electives

Students can use free electives to complement other studies or explore an area of interest.

Free Electives, by definition, fulfill neither General Education Requirements nor the Major Requirement, but are counted toward the total number of course units required for graduation. Students should consult with their pre-major advisor to discuss how their Free Electives fit into their overall curriculum, and how many they are likely to need.

A maximum of 8 c.u. of Free Electives may be taken on a pass/fail basis, though normally it is not recommended that students take that many pass/fail courses (two or three is more typical).

Credits Needed for Graduation by Major