Academic research is an integral part of the College curriculum. Students have the opportunity to work side by side with Penn faculty, who serve as mentors, colleagues, and role models, on research that spans the full range of disciplines at the University. Through these research activities, College students apply what they have learned in previous coursework and take part in the creation of knowledge, one of the University's core missions.

The value of research lies in the work as much as the product. Research reinforces and instills mastery of academic skills: how to formulate a question or hypothesis, how to gather evidence, and how to answer that question or test that hypothesis.

In some cases, students may receive independent study credit for research activities and scholarship, or receive work-study funds or stipends from faculty grants.

Research is going on across the arts and sciences. Some undergrads join established projects while others explore their own topics with faculty mentors.

Sonari Childi

Combining issues of social justice with award-winning film. View Interview

Lynn Hur

Approaching health care through qualitative and quantitative methods. View Interview

Ryan Leone

Using research to refine his areas of interest. View Interview

Wilson Fisher

Building on research interests discovered abroad.  View Interview

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Several departments and programs have publications which profile undergraduate research. Browse their web sites for information about contributing to or receiving their publication. Publications include: