The College of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual home for disciplines across the natural sciences, social sciences and the arts and humanities. It is where tradition meets innovation.

Our world-renowned faculty engage with students to turn theoretical and experimental ideas formed in the classroom into practical applications used to remedy problems facing our world. And Philadelphia itself serves as a large, non-traditional classroom for you to explore questions of science, society, humanities and the arts.

A virtually unlimited array of academic opportunities awaits you in the College. Our flexible curriculum is designed to frame opportunities for you, and our unusually extensive advising network will help you navigate them. So whether you have a sense of your intended field of study, or have too many interests to decide just yet, the curriculum will provide a roadmap for exploration. The relationships you develop with advisors, faculty, fellow students, and alumni will lead to amazing opportunities during your time here and in your life after Penn.

More About the College

Omkar Katta

living the arts and sciences through mathematical economics, drawing and creative writing.

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Will Movsovitz

on indulging all of his interests across the arts & sciences.

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Colin Lodewick

on how a creative writing course and a modern view of John Milton's Paradise Lost deepened his appreciation of language study.

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Karen Kim

on her path from pre-med to an Africana Studies major.

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India Allen

on how an Academically Based Community Service (ABCS) course inspired her decision to major in Health & Societies.

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Ana Przybylowski

on her journey from sports management to earth and environmental science.

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Alyssa Cavazos

about her understanding of the world through chemistry.

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Marvin Morgan

working to understand dark matter in the Milky Way.

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Isabel Hu

on her path from studying medicine to following her passion and love for art and becoming a Design major.

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