Penn undergrads have access to all of the resources of a world-class research university in a major city yet still have the opportunity to work closely with faculty. Faculty teach College students in and out of the classroom and work side by side with students in conducting research. They are mentors, colleagues, role models and some are neighbors, living among undergraduates in the College Houses.

Approaching Faculty

Faculty members are here for you. Introduce yourself!

10:1 first-year student to faculty advisor ratio

As scholars, Arts and Sciences faculty are among the best in the world. They are respected thinkers, researchers and award-winning innovators at the forefront of their professions and disciplines. In addition, each year many distinguished scholars come to Penn from around the world to study, teach and live.

Penn researchers set the standards in their fields, asking questions about the ancient world, the present and how we can shape the future. Their work goes well beyond traditional boundaries to create the new disciplines and approaches that will address the challenges of the 21st century.

Arts and Sciences faculty are accessible and there are many opportunities to connect with them, both formally and informally. Whether it's sparking up a conversation after class, taking advantage of office hours or using faculty as a touchstone for exploring majors or engaging in research, you should feel empowered to make those connections.


Faculty Research

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