If you are a highly-motivated student interested in an exceptional academic challenge, there are several scholars programs you might investigate. Note that some programs require an application to be submitted when you initially apply to Penn.

Explore Options

  • The Integrated Studies Program is the first-year curriculum for College Benjamin Franklin Scholars.  The program invites highly-motivated students to examine complex themes through the integration of academic disciplines and methodologies.
  • Penn Civic Scholars is a four-year experience in civic engagement and scholarship featuring community service, social advocacy, seminars, internships and public policy research.
  • University Scholars encourages intellectually dynamic students pursuing research and an early start to graduate and professional courses. Students can apply from the end of their first year through the first semester of their junior year.
  • Vagelos Scholars Program in Molecular Life Sciences invites incoming students to major in two sciences or submatriculate for a Master of Science degree in the standard four years.
  • Public Policy Research Scholars is an interdisciplinary certificate program for students with a background in economics interested in the impact of U.S. public policy on the domestic economy.