Second Year Day September 20

Second-Year Day welcomes second-year students back to campus and reminds them of all of the resources available to them. The event will include a resource fair along Locust Walk from 12:00 - 2:00 pm, open houses throughout the day, opportunities for raffle prizes and more! Stop by the College Office table for some swag and to say hello !

You have made it through your first year and learned a good deal about Penn and yourself. Now as you enter your sophomore year, some special tasks lie before you. This is the year in which you will declare your major, and probably the one in which you will decide whether or not to study abroad. You may also be thinking about career exploration and possible internships for next summer.

Students should:

  • Meet with their pre-major advisor to discuss progress toward finding and declaring a major and meeting the degree requirements during Advance Registration in October and November. This meeting is also an opportunity to explore options such as minors, research and study abroad. Until meeting with their advisor, Sophomores will be on registration hold which keeps them from being able to participate in Advance Registration.
  • Become completely familiar with the rules and requirements for their potential major. These are available on the department websites.
  • Investigate study abroadresearch and other academic options.
  • Apply to become a peer advisor and help the next incoming class.

Students should:

  • Meet with their pre-major advisor before declaring a major to discuss their plans during Advance Registration in March and April. The pre-major advisor will update the student’s academic planning worksheet and make it official. This must be done before the student goes to the major department to declare.
  • Go to the major department to declare. Departments have different processes for declaration. Check the department websites for more information. The major department will lift the registration hold during this process. Students should plan well in advance to make appropriate appointments with pre-major and major advising before the end of Advance Registration.
  • Investigate study abroadresearch and other academic options.
  • Check with Career Services and the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships for information about internships.
Find the major that's right for you.

Investigate the programs and resources available to help you find and declare your major