University of Pennsylvania - College of Arts and Sciences

Arts & Sciences Curriculum

The curriculum provides a framework for students to explore the depth and breadth of a liberal arts education.

Courses & Academic Options

Students personalize their education through course selection and academic options like research and study abroad.

Advising & Resources

A strong network of advisors and resources supports a student’s academic and personal journey.

College Updates

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Majors and More

A series of dinner discussions on majors, minors and academic options held each semester by the College in collaboration with the College Houses and academic departments and programs.

College Voices Podcast

Listen to The College's new, official podcast!

60-Second Lectures

A Penn Arts & Sciences tradition since 2003, 60-Second Lectures tackle a variety of topics in one minute or less.


From the School of Arts & Sciences


OMNIA, the premier publication for all things Penn Arts & Sciences, features a diverse array of faculty, students, and alumni.

Policies & Procedures

You are encouraged to read the policies pertinent to your specific class or academic interests to make informed decisions throughout your undergraduate career.