University of Pennsylvania - College of Arts and Sciences

Arts & Sciences Curriculum

The curriculum provides a framework for students to explore the depth and breadth of a liberal arts education.

Courses & Academic Options

Students personalize their education through course selection and academic options like research and study abroad.

Advising & Resources

A strong network of advisors and resources supports a student’s academic and personal journey.

College Events

First Summer Session Ends
July 1, 2020
Second Summer Session Begins
July 2, 2020
Independence Day Observed
July 3, 2020
Course Selection (Drop/Add) Reopens for All
July 28, 2020

College Updates

Lightbulb Cafe

World Cafe-3025 Walnut
Faculty shed light on their research in the arts, humanities and social sciences

Science Cafes

World Cafe-3025 Walnut
leading scientists who drop the jargon to explain their work. 


Check out OMNIA: articles, videos, profiles and all things Arts & Sciences


From the School of Arts & Sciences

Policies & Procedures

You are encouraged to read the policies pertinent to your specific class or academic interests to make informed decisions throughout your undergraduate career.