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Now that you are a junior, you have declared a major and are looking at your overall educational goals. Many of you are abroad or are planning to study abroad next semester or in the summer.

Please be sure to stay in touch with your academic advisors to ensure that you are meeting graduation requirements and your major/minor advisors to keep on track with requirements.

Students should:

  • Review their academic planning worksheet to check that all requirements are fulfilled and appropriate progress is being made toward graduation, including the necessary number of College and overall credits.
  • Meet with an advisor in the College Office for help filling in the worksheet or for answers to any other academic questions or concerns.
  • Meet with their major advisor to confirm they are making progress in fulfilling major requirements.
  • Continue to explore academic options like study abroad and research.
  • Check with Career Services and the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF) for information about internships and graduate study.
  • Check with CURF if considering research or information on post-graduate fellowships and scholarships.
  • Consider sharing their major with underclassmen by becoming Major Advising Program (MAP) advisors.
  • Apply to become a peer advisor and help the next incoming class.

Students should:

From the end of junior year through to graduation, students should confirm that their Academic Planning Worksheet on Penn InTouch is updated and accurate. This includes meeting with the major advisor to be sure that the major section of the worksheet has been updated with all relevant courses. The College will conduct an audit of rising seniors’ worksheets during the summer and inform them by email of any missing requirements, as well as other graduation-related issues the students need to address.

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