Interpreting Your Degree Audit in Path@Penn

The Degree Audit in Path@Penn accurately shows your progress to degree and includes percentage bars to let you know how far along you are in fulfilling each part of your Arts and Sciences degree. You will see a grouping for Degree in Bachelor of Arts, General Education - Foundations, General Education - Sectors, major(s), and minor(s).

*Note that the count in this audit includes courses you have completed and those you are currently enrolled in. 

Every student in the College has a minimum number of total c.u. and a minimum number of Arts & Sciences c.u. required to graduate that are determined by the major concentration once declared in the spring of the sophomore year.  You can see both by clicking the Degree in Bachelor of Arts block in the audit. 

  • If you have declared a major, you can see how many total c.u. and how many Arts & Sciences c.u. you have completed and are enrolled in and how many you have left based on your degree plan. 
  • If you have not yet declared a major, you will not see an exact count in the audit, but rather a message noting that it will calculate once you declare in your second year.  You can check to see the number of Arts & Sciences c.u. required by major concentration here.

Foundational Approaches can double-count across all degree requirements.

Example of Degree Audit with Foundational requirements being fulfilled from across all degree requirements

Each major has a designated Sector that will be auto-completed upon the declaration of the major. The remaining Sectors must be fulfilled by non-major courses.

Example of Degree Audit with a major course fulfilling a Sector requirement