Policies Governing Non-College Courses

Since the College confers a Bachelor of Arts degree, 16 of the 20 credits outside the major must be Arts and Sciences courses. This means that most students may count as many as four c.u. from schools outside Arts and Sciences towards the degree. Students who wish to take more than the minimum number of credits for graduation may take more than four c.u. from other schools. If a major requires more than 16 credits, correspondingly fewer than four courses from other schools may be counted toward the degree.

For example, for a Biological Basis of Behavior major:


18.5 major courses


16 College required courses outside the major


maximum of 1.5 non-College courses



36 c.u. required to graduate

Non-College courses that fulfill General Education Requirements are counted as College courses in calculating total credits needed for graduation.

Students considering a minor that includes non-College coursework should consult with an academic advisor to confirm that they have will have enough College credits to graduate.

Transfer and Credit Away credits awarded by non-College departments are considered non-College courses.

The College does not award any credit for ROTC or Preceptorial courses.

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