Policies Governing College Credit Away

After matriculation at Penn, a student pursing a degree in the College may take no more than 5 c.u. at another college or university. This is called "credit away." The maximum amount of credit away that can be transferred for one summer is 4 c.u. Prior approval must be obtained from the appropriate academic department at Penn. To seek approval, log in to XCAT  and submit a course syllabus and other supporting materials from the external institution. 

In many departments, a minimum grade of C is required for a course to be eligible for credit away. Some departments, however, require a minimum grade of B- for a course to be eligible for credit away. Chemistry is an example of such a department. 

After the course has been completed, the student must request that an official transcript be sent to the College Office from the institution at which the course was taken. The transcript should be addressed to:
Barbara Woodford
Please note: While the College is operating remotely due to COVID-19, only electronic transcripts can be accepted.
Credit away cannot be posted until the course has been approved in XCAT and this transcript is received. Grades received from other institutions are not recorded on the Penn transcript nor are they included in the grade point average at Penn.

No credit will be granted for:

  • courses taken at two-year institutions (e.g. a junior or community college);
  • courses taken in time-frames significantly different from the regular University schedules (academic year and summer sessions);
  • courses other than field courses taken on sites without appropriate facilities of a college or university (e.g., libraries and laboratories) unless supervised by School of Arts and Sciences faculty.

Students must complete the final two semesters of full-time study in the College.