The College of Arts and Sciences curriculum provides you with an academic framework for becoming an educated and successful citizen of the 21st century. Its flexible structure is designed to inspire curiosity and frame opportunities while drawing you toward two distinct goals: general education across the wide range of the arts and sciences and specialized education in a major. With help from academic advisors, you will select from a variety of courses to fulfill each element of the curriculum. You may also choose to expand your academic experience beyond the classroom through options like research or study abroad.

There are five requirements for the Bachelor of Arts & Sciences in the College. The General Education requirement, the Major requirement, the Elective requirement, the total Arts & Sciences requirement, and the total c.u. requirement. Students fulfill all five requirements throughout their undergraduate career at Penn. 

Policies Governing the General Education Curriculum
Policies Governing the Major Requirement
Policies Governing Electives
Policies Governing Arts & Sciences Requirement
Policies Governing Total C.U. Requirement