Policies Governing Withdrawal from a Course

Students may withdraw from a course through the tenth week of the semester with the permission of the instructor and should consult the Academic Calendar for the official Withdrawal deadline for each semester. After the tenth week, students must petition the Committee on Undergraduate Academic Standing to withdraw from a course. Such petitions will not be granted without documentation of extenuating circumstances. Withdrawals are indicated on the student's transcript by a report of W and will not affect the student's grade point average.

To withdraw from a course from the fifth through the tenth week:

  • Pick up a Withdrawal form in the College Office. In certain situations, the student will need to meet with an advisor. He or she may also request to meet with an advisor to discuss the reasons for and the effects of a Withdrawal from the course.
  • Bring it to the instructor for discussion and (if the instructor grants his or her approval) signature.
  • Return it to the College Office by the Withdrawal deadline (the end of the tenth week of the semester).

In order to submit a petition to withdraw from a course after the tenth week, the student should follow the above steps and, in addition:

  • Fill out a petition form, including a petition statement that explains the reasons for the request.
  • Submit the withdrawal form, the petition form, and any accompanying documentation to the College Office as soon as possible.

Students should be aware that their petitions may be denied.

Students considering a withdrawal should speak with an advisor before taking any action and should be aware of the risks of being enrolled in fewer than 4 c.u.