Risks of Being Under-Enrolled

For a variety of reasons, students need to maintain full-time status (3 or 4 c.u.). Dropping or withdrawing below that number of credits may have adverse effects in a variety of circumstances. The most common concerns are for:


All student athletes must complete an average of at least 8 c.u. per year. Carrying less than a full load may jeopardize athletic eligibility. Dr. Niel McDowell is the College’s athletic eligibility officer.

International Students

The visas that allow most international students to study in the U.S. require carrying a full load of at least 3 c.u. per semester. Any reduction in that number may call their visa status into question. Exceptions to this rule are sometimes available. Students should consult an advisor in the International Student and Scholar Services Office who can provide more information.

Students with Financial Aid

Some aid packages require that the student complete an average of 3 c.u. per semester. Students carrying fewer than this amount of credits may be at risk of losing some of their financial aid. Call the Student Financial Services office for more information.

Students on Academic Probation

Students on academic probation must complete exactly 4 c.u. on time, with no grades of F, I, GR (no show) or NR and no more than one pass/fail course.  Students on academic probation who find it difficult to manage a 4 c.u. course load should speak with an advisor in the College Office.