Timeline: May Graduation

Congratulations. You're almost there! Below are some critical steps you must take for things to go smoothly between now and graduation. If you have any questions, contact your major advisor or an advisor in the College Office, 215.898.6341.

Senior Page Application for Graduation

Checklist for Prospective May 2022 Graduates

Students should know that any delay in major or minor certification, posting of grades, or meeting any other graduation obligation may result in a delay of graduation. In that case, the student would be graduated in the next cycle (August/December/May).

  • If you DO NOT receive an email from the College Office by the end of January 2022 acknowledging that you are scheduled to graduate in May 2022, contact Shannon Fioravanti.
  • Check your official worksheet on Penn InTouch to ensure that you have fulfilled, or will fulfill, all requirements, including major requirements, by the end of spring semester, 2022. If you have questions or need your official worksheet updated, see an advisor in the College Office (walk-in hours are Monday-Friday from 12 to 4 p.m.). Please note that the major and minor portions of the worksheet must be updated by advisors in the relevant department or program, not in the College Office.
  • Confirm that the major(s) and minor(s) you intend to complete are on your worksheet as well as on your transcript. Major(s) or minor(s) that you no longer intend to complete should be removed – a College Office advisor can do so on your worksheet, but in order to have a major or minor removed from your transcript, you must go to the relevant department or program office.
  • Notify your major advisor of your intention to graduate in May 2022 and discuss any outstanding issues with them. Departments and programs will certify majors in early spring.
  • Confirm that you will meet the minimum number of credits needed for graduation for your major. (If you have more than one major, you must complete the total number of credits required for the larger major
  • Dual degree candidates must complete at least 14 c.u. of coursework in the College of Arts and Sciences outside of their major
  • Complete the Application for Graduation by February 4, 2022.