Policies Governing Internships

The College prefers that its students be paid for their work, but when this is not an option and companies insist that the students receive credit as a condition of their internship, the College will place a notation as a comment on their transcript indicating that they have completed an internship, e.g., "Internship: Summer 2023." Students will not earn a course unit toward their degree.

In order for students to have a notation regarding their internship placed on their transcript, they must fill out a request form and submit it to the College Office.

The College Office will then write to the sponsoring company/organization granting the student permission to work as an intern, while making it clear that the University will not indemnify the company or organization or insure the student during the internship.

When the College Office receives confirmation that the student has successfully completed an internship, the notation will be placed on the transcript.

For further information and credit forms, contact the College Office.

International Students

See Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT).