Students use the College curriculum to complete the academic requirements of a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Fewer than 20 percent of College graduates have more than one major, fewer than 10 percent have more than one undergraduate degree, and fewer than 8 percent complete a graduate degree through submatriculation.

Those who choose to do so have the opportunity to apply for and, if accepted, complete either a second undergraduate degree or a graduate degree. Early advising is crucial and advisors in the College Office can help you to determine whether either of these is a good option for your academic program.

Many students find that they can accomplish their academic goals within the context of the College degree, given its flexibility. Those who choose to pursue a dual degree must plan carefully to accommodate the course work, and will likely have to give up some of the flexibility of their free electives within the College curriculum. You should carefully consider your reasons for wanting to complete a second degree as a dual degree is generally not necessary in order to pursue most career tracks.