Tuition Refund

A student who withdraws from the College (or who is requested to withdraw for failure to maintain satisfactory academic standing) or who is granted a leave of absence during either term of the academic year will be eligible for a reduction in tuition and fees in accordance with the conditions set forth below. The effective date of separation is the date the student files a written request for withdrawal or leave of absence.

  • Request within the first two weeks of class - 100%
  • Request within the third and fourth weeks of class - 50%
  • Thereafter - 0%.

In the case of students receiving financial aid, eligibility for the term will be redetermined based on actual charges and prorated allowances for living expenses.

A student who is required to withdraw because of a violation of University regulations will receive no tuition refund.

For rules regarding reductions in residence and meal contract charges, see the current year's residential handbook and the terms and conditions of meal plans.