College Study Abroad Advisor

Profiles and emails of Advisors

After meeting first with a Penn Abroad Global Program Manager to start the application process, students need to meet with their Major advisor. Once they have received major approval, they should contact the College advisor (see list below) who advises for the relevant region to obtain home school approval. The College advisor will work with the student to verify overall academic eligibility, discuss course choices, and go over the XCAT course approval process.

Jason Breyan Spain, Study Abroad Petitions
Janice Curington Sub-Saharan Africa
Chris Donovan Queen Mary University of London
Hocine Fetni North Africa and the Middle East (Including Israel), Turkey and France (Except PPE Program at Sciences Po)
Srilata Gangulee Asia, England (Except UCL, Goldsmiths, and Queen Mary University of London) and Wales
Tanya Jung South and Central America and Portugal
Niel McDowell Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and Russia
Douglas Paletta University College London (UCL) and Goldsmiths
Wally Pansing Ireland, Scotland, International Honors Program, LUISS/PPE in Rome and PPE Program at Sciences Po
Rebecca Poyourow Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy (Except LUISS), Denmark and Greece