Pre-Major Advisors

Pre-major Advisors help first- and second-year students navigate their entrance into academic and intellectual life in the College beginning with the issues of incoming freshmen and continuing through the student's exploration of a potential major.

Each student is assigned a pre-major advisor who is a member of either the School of Arts and Sciences faculty or the professional staff. This advisor will work with the student throughout his or her first two years at Penn to assist in choosing courses each semester and in planning the overall program.

The pre-major advisor usually works with a student for the first two years. In addition to their pre-major advisor, students can and should discuss courses and majors with other students (see the Major Advising Program), and faculty, especially the undergraduate chairs of the departments and programs that interest them. In addition, all College students are welcome to speak with an assistant dean in 120 Cohen Hall any time during their undergraduate years.

The relationship between the student and the pre-major advisor culminates in the declaration of the major. After major declaration, the student will have a major advisor for the third and fourth years of his or her college career.

Students are encouraged to develop a good working relationship with the pre-major advisor and to seek this person's counsel as often as necessary, not limiting themselves to the required registration meeting.

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