Part-Time Status


General Policy

College students are expected to be enrolled on a full-time basis. Bills are not normally adjusted when a student takes less than a full load of courses.

Seniors who need fewer than 3 c.u. in their final semester to complete their degree requirements may consider declaring part-time status. Students who are considering part-time status must first meet with their major advisor and then with an advisor in the College Office. These advisors will verify that the student needs fewer than 3 c.u. to graduate and will then make the adjustment. Simply registering for one or two courses is NOT sufficient to become part-time; the student must follow the above procedure to make the tuition adjustment.

Part-time status must be declared before the first day of the term in question. Students are advised to complete this process by the end of the preceding semester (that is, usually by December of the fall semester).

Some students may have special issues related to part-time status:

  • Athletes must wait until their previous semester’s grades are posted (normally, in early January) before they can officially declare part-time status.
  • Students with financial aid should check with the Student Financial Services office, since changing their enrollment status may change their aid status.
  • International students who wish to inquire about part-time status in their final semester must speak with an assistant dean in the College Office and the International Student and Scholar Services office.