Policies Governing Pass/Fail

In registering for courses, students may choose between normal grading status (receiving a letter grade) and pass/fail.

  • In courses taken on a pass/fail basis, a passing letter grade (any grade above an F, including a D) assigned by the instructor is converted to P by the Registrar's Office and entered on the student's transcript. P is not calculated into the cumulative average, but an F is entered as a 0.0 and does affect the grade point average. Instructors are not informed by the Registrar as to who is enrolled on a pass/fail basis.
  • Courses taken to fulfill any Foundational Approach Requirement, the Sector Requirement, the Major Requirement or a minor cannot be taken pass/fail.
  • College students may take no more than 8 c.u. pass/fail, though the College generally recommend against this many.
  • Students may change the grading status of a course from normal to pass/fail (or vice versa) in through the end of the ninth week of the semester or just before Advance Registration, whichever comes first. See the Academic Calendar for exact dates.

First-year students are strongly advised not to take courses on a pass/fail basis.

Any courses taken on a pass/fail basis will not automatically apply to a major or minor. Students who wish to use a Pass/Fail course towards the major or minor should consult with the department or program advisor. If the department or program advisor approves, the grade will be uncovered. This cannot be done until the students final semester.

Please note the exception to this policy for spring and fall 2020 and spring 2021.

All courses taken for a major must be taken for a letter grade, not pass/fail. Some departments have a minimum grade requirement for all courses within the major.

Please note the exception to this policy for spring and fall 2020 and spring 2021.