Policies Governing Curricular Change

Courses in the College of Arts and Sciences play specific roles throughout our undergraduate curriculum.  Faculty committees regularly review courses and evaluate proposals from departments, programs, and individual faculty to ensure that courses are appropriately placed into our curricular structure in the foundational approaches, the sectors, the majors, and the minors.  In the process of transitions between our faculty committee work and the preparation for registration, some courses are not given their attributes in time to display for students during advance registration.  Therefore, the list below represents courses that advisors may include in an undergraduate’s degree audit by exception since the course will have this attribute going forward.  College students may not petition for courses to be added to the requirement lists, rather faculty and departments or programs must follow the governance path to get any such courses counted in the degree.  For courses on the list below, advisors in the Major, Minor, or College may make exceptions in DegreeWorks in the appropriate curricular location.

Spring 2023

Course Attribute
GSWS/STSC 3136: Queer Science AUCD: Cultural Diversity in the US
PHIL 3200: Twentieth Century Philosophy COGS - Computation and Cognition; COGS Language & Mind
EALC 1379: Art, Pop, and Belonging: Or, How to Talk about Korean Popular Culture AUAL: Arts and Letters
PRTG 0340: Portuguese for Spanish Speakers II AULL: Last Language
AFRC 1201 /GSWS 1201: African-American Literature AUAL: Arts and Letters


Fall 2023

EESC 1060: Natural Disturbances and Disasters AUNM: Natural Science Across the Disciplines
HIST 1119 : History of American Law to 1877 AUCD: Cultural Diversity in the US
INTR 3500: Research Methods/Practice in IR AUQD: Quantitative Analysis
LING 2210: Phonetics I: Experimental AUPW: Physical World
MATH 1080: Mathematics of change, Part II AUFR: Formal Reasoning & Analysis
MUSC 1580: Weird Music AUCC: Cross Cultural Analysis
MUSC 2400: Introduction to the Music Life in America AUCD: Cultural Diversity in the US
URBS 0335: Investigating the Old 7th Ward AUCD: Cultural Diversity in the US
AUHS: Humanities and Social Science


Fall 2022

Course Attribute
STAT 4300: Probability AU16: College 16 C.U. Requirement
STAT 4310: Statistical Inference AU16: College 16 C.U. Requirement
FNAR 2020: Video II AU16: College 16 C.U. Requirement