Any course can be taken pass/fail, including courses fulfilling Major, Minor and General Education Requirements. Pass/fail courses from fall 2020 that can be used in majors and minors will remain pass/fail—there is no option to uncover the grade.

Any passing grade (A+ to D) for a course taken pass/fail  confers a credit toward graduation but is g.p.a. neutral. A failing grade of F counts toward the g.p.a. as with any other course.

There is no limit to the number of pass/fail courses students can take during fall 2020. These courses do not count against the total limit of eight pass/fail courses students in the College are permitted take. 

The last day to change a course to pass/fail is October 30. Students should change their grade type on Penn InTouch.

Applications to Graduate Schools: The interpretation of pass/fail grades by other institutions as part of their application evaluation processes will vary. Students were strongly advised to consult the website of the Career Services office and to connect with one of their staff.