College of Arts and Sciences students may not enroll in, and will not receive credit for, BAAS courses through the College of Liberal and Professional Studies.

  • Students in the College of Arts and Sciences may register for some courses in the College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) courses through Penn InTouch.
  • Students can find LPS courses using the Course Search tool on Penn InTouch. LPS courses are designated with a "601" section number, e.g., PSCI150-601.
  • Note that a certain number of spaces may be reserved for LPS students until the first week of classes. On the second day of classes, any unclaimed seats held for LPS students will be made available to non-LPS students. Interested students should attempt to register for the course through Penn InTouch at that time.
  • Some classes have restricted enrollments for LPS students only. This designation will appear in the Course Search, below the course description for the relevant section. In these instances College students should seek alternate courses to fill out their schedule.
  • College students may direct questions about enrollment policies for specific LPS classes to the LPS office.

Most courses in the College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) are available to College of Arts and Sciences students, though some are not. Students are advised to check the course descriptions for details.

Some seats in these courses will be reserved for LPS students. If none of the non-reserved seats are available through Advance Registration, students should continue to try to register during the Course Selection Period.

On the second day of the semester, any remaining seats will be opened for all students. Permits will not be issued if the course has been filled.