Grading System

The policies below apply only to College students. Students taking courses in other schools within the University will be graded according to the policies of those schools.

Letter Grades

Grades ranging from A+ to F (with no D-) are used to report the standing of a student upon the completion of each course. The numeric value of each letter grade is used to calculate the grade point average.

Additional Grade Types


P (Pass)

The pass awarded in a pass/fail course is not used in the computation of the grade point average, but it does confer credit. See additional policies governing the Pass/Fail option.

W (Withdrawal)

This notation indicates an approved withdrawal from a course.

The following grade designations are not permanent, i.e., students will not be graduated until these grades have been resolved:


This notation indicates that no grades have been submitted for a particular course. Students with an NR must clarify their status with the instructor and the College Office. A student may not graduate with an NR on the transcript.

PR (Formerly S)

In progress for a two-semester course.

I (Incomplete)

A report of Incomplete indicates that a student's work in a course is incomplete with the instructor's permission. Students should be aware of the policies governing Incompletes and that there may be a substantial risk to Incomplete grades.

For additional information about transcript symbols and notations see the Transcript Key page on the Student Registration & Financial Services site.