Grade Point Average

Grade point averages (g.p.a.) are computed at the end of each semester and on a cumulative basis. The numerical values of letter grades are:

A+ = 4.0

A = 4.0

A- = 3.7

B+ = 3.3

B = 3.0

B- = 2.7

C+ = 2.3

C = 2.0

C- = 1.7

D+ = 1.3

D = 1.0

There is no D-

F = 0.00


The g.p.a. is calculated by multiplying the course unit value for each course (usually 1 c.u.) by the numerical equivalent of the grade received. The total for all courses is then divided by the total number of course units taken.

Students may calculate the g.p.a. for a selected group of courses (major or minor courses, for example), by using the “g.p.a. calculator” function of the Academic Planning worksheet on Penn InTouch.

Students must maintain a 2.0 overall grade point average, and a 2.0 average (or better, depending on the department) in major courses.