Featured Courses

Check out the featured courses below that are recommended by major departments and programs. Below is the list of featured courses offered in Spring 2024.

Course instructor meeting info
AFRC 2220/GSWS 2220: African Women Lives Past & Present Pamela Blakely T 5:15pm-8:14pm
AFRC 2762/ANTH 2762/SOCI 2905: Everyday Life in Africa Adewale Adebanwi TR 3:30pm-4:59pm
ANTH 0050: Great Transformations Dr. Deborah Olszewski TR 1:45pm-3:15pm
ANTH 2070: Primate Behavior and Ecology Dr. Caroline Jones WF 1:45pm-3:15pm
ASAM 1515: Gender, Work, and Family in Global Asias Weirong Guo MW 1:45 PM-3:14 PM
COMM 2013: Black Journalism in/and Philadelphia Florence Madenga MW 3:30pm-5:00pm
COMM 3220: History and Theory of Freedom of Expression (SNF Paideia Program Course) Carolyn Marvin MW 12:00pm-1:30pm
EALC 2201/COML 2201: Modern East Asian Texts Chloe Estep TR 10:15am-11:44am
EALC 3711: The Great Wall of China

Dotno Pount

M 5:15pm-8:14pm
ENGL 0783/COML 0783: Writing About Music (Critical-Creative Seminar) Simone White W 1:45pm-4:44pm
ENGL 0792: Graphic Nonfiction Theory and Practice (Critical-Creative Seminar) JS Wu TR 3:30pm-4:59pm
ENGL 2840/COML 2840: Groundbreaking Poets and Traditional Forms Taije Silverman TR 3:30pm-4:59pm
ENVS 1000: Introduction to Environmental Science Alain Plante TR 12:00pm-1:30pm
FREN 3290: Le français dans le monde/French in the World Christine Moisset-Edelstein TR 1:45pm-3:14pm
FREN 3860/CIMS 3860: Paris in Film Philippe Met MT 1:45pm-3:14pm
GRMN 1235/COML 1235: Autobiographical Writing Liliane Weissberg MW 1:45pm-3:14pm
GRMN 2100: Texts and Contexts Sibel Sayili-Hurley MW 1:45pm-3:14pm
HIST 1151: Race, Space and Place in American History Mia Bay TR 3:30-4:59PM
HIST 1610/JWST 1610/NELC 0355/RELS 1610: Medieval and Early Modern Jewry Joshua Teplitsky TR 5:15pm-6:44pm
HIST 1711/JWST 1711: Remembering the Holocaust Beth Wenger M 1:45pm-4:44pm
ITAL 2522/CIMS 2522/GSWS 2522: Modern Italian Culture: Italian American Experience Julia Heim MW 3:30pm-4:59pm
ITAL 3510: Italian Renaissance Studies: Rinascimento! Eva Del Soldato and Francesco Marco Aresu MW 1:45pm-3:14pm
LALS 3731/SPAN 3731/GSWS 3731 Reading as a Feminist: An Encounter with Latin American Literature Dr. Maria Laura Pensa MW 10:15am-11:44am
LALS 3733:  Locating the Andean Radical Tradition Dr. George Ygarza TR 10:15am-11:44am
LALS 3745/ANTH 3745: Rights of/for Nature: Critical Engagements from Latin America Dr. Carolina Angel Botero TR 12:00pm-1:29pm
MUSC 1343: Performers: Marian Anderson (1897–1993): Sound, Gender, and the Color Line

Jamuna Samuel

TR 12pm-1:29pm
MUSC 1420: Thinking About Popular Music

Amanda Scherbenske

F 10:15am-1:14pm
PHIL 2560/GSWS 2490: Philosophy of Education: Ethics and Education Dustin Webster MW 10:15pm – 11:44 am
PHIL 2851: Philosophy of Economics Carlos Pereira di Salvo MW 3:30pm – 4:29 pm
PRTG 0104: Portuguese for Spanish Speakers I Carlos Bento Dos Santos Pio MTWR 12pm-12:59pm
PRTG 1800: Perspectives in Brazilian Culture Mércia Flannery TR 10:15am-11:44am
PSCI 1191: Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy Daniel Smith MW 3:30pm-4:29pm
PSCI 1401: International Security Fiona Cunningham TR 3:30pm-4:29pm
PSYC 3446: The Science of Well-Being (SNF Paideia Program Course) Martin E. P. Seligman TR 12:00pm-1:29pm
PSYC 3795: Seminar: Calling Bull: Discerning Fact from Fiction in Psychology and the Real World Joe Kable MW 1:45pm-3:15pm
RELS 0080: Religion and Sports Megan Robb TR 10:15am-11:14pm
SOCI 1150: Fair Housing, Segregation, and the Law (ABCS course) Lance Freeman T 12:00pm-2:59pm
SOCI 2300: Environmental Sociology Raka Sen TR 3:30pm-4:59pm
SPAN 1900: Introduction to Literary Analysis Jean Knight MWF 10:15am-11:14am
URBS 2110: Restorative Justice in the City: History, Theory and Practice (SNF Paideia Program Course) Pablo Cerdera MW 5:15pm-6:44pm
URBS 2445: Civil Dialogue Seminar: Civic Engagement In A Divided Nation Harris Sokoloff W 8:45am-11:44am
VLST 3030: The Rise of Image Culture Tanya Jung W 3:30pm-6:30pm