Policies Governing a Double Major

  • Students who wish to double major may do so by applying for, and completing the requirements for, each major.
  • Students interested in double majoring should consult with their pre-major advisor.
  • Major departments may have rules limiting double counting.
  • Students who are completing more than one major must use their largest major to calculate the number of overall c.u. and the minimum Arts & Sciences c.u. required for graduation. The largest major will be designated as the primary major by the College Office when the second major is declared.
  • Students who are double majoring will see their corresponding sector requirement auto-completed. Should both majors share the same sector, the second major may approve an exception for an additional sector to be auto-completed to represent a major course carrying a unique sector designation.
  • See specific information for College students wishing to declare a second major in one of several Engineering departments.