Declaring a Major

Application to a major should be made in the second semester of the sophomore year, prior to Advance Registration for the first semester of the junior year. Students who have not declared a major by the end of Advance Registration during the spring semester of their sophomore year will not be able to register for the next semester until they have declared. Athletes must be declared by the beginning of junior year to retain eligibility.

When students are ready to declare their major, they should:

  • Update their Academic Planning Worksheet on Penn InTouch, adding the appropriate major. Students should consult the departmental website for the intended major to gather details on requirements.
  • Make an appointment to speak with their pre-major advisor. If there are any concerns or doubts about choosing the right major, they should be discussed at this time. By the end of the conversation, a decision should be made on the major, even if it is tentative. The pre-major advisor will make any needed adjustments to the General Education Requirements section of the worksheet and then change its status from Unofficial to Official.
    NOTE: This is only the first step. An official worksheet does not, by itself, constitute a major declaration.
  • Contact the major program and ask about declaring the major. The steps at this point vary. In some departments, students will speak directly with the undergraduate chair. Some will ask students to fill out and submit an application. Students will be assigned a faculty advisor with whom they must speak before declaration is complete. It is the students' responsibility to be sure that all the required steps have been taken. If not, they may still find themselves on hold for Advance Registration.

School of Engineering second majors

  • SEAS students who would like to declare a second major in the College of Arts and Sciences should contact the relevant SAS department and follow the department's procedure for declaring a major.
  • Students in the College who would like to declare a second major in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences should read further.