Checklist: Return from Leave of Absence

The Return forms must be received by the College Office by:

  • July 15 for enrollment in the fall semester
  • November 15 for the spring semester
  • April 15 for the summer session
  • Two weeks before the beginning of the relevant Advance Registration period, if wishing to advance register.

Timely submission of requests and documentation is a condition of any return and any submission received after the relevant deadline may be denied.

General Steps for Return Once Approved

To ensure a smooth return to campus, students should contact the appropriate offices below and comply with any deadlines and procedures:

Update contact information in  Path@Penn.

 See Housing and Conference Services  if planning to live in University housing.

Complete an occupancy agreement with Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs to complete an occupancy agreement if planning to live in a fraternity or sorority house.

Arrange for a meal contract with Dining Services if desired.

Student Health and Counseling to consult with an Insurance Administrator about coverage, policies and procedures upon return. Any private insurance carrier should also be notified of re-enrollment.

PennCard Office will reactivate their PennCard as soon as a student registers, provided the card has not expired. If the card has expired, the student should go directly to the PennCard Center. Additional questions should be directed to

To prepare to register for the upcoming semester, returning students should check the appropriate dates on the academic calendar and use available resources to select courses. Students who discover that they are on hold during registration should contact the College Office.

Resolving Incompletes before Returning

Students with Incompletes will be required to resolve them and receive final grades for the courses in question before August 1 for a fall return, December 1 for a spring return and May 1 for a summer return.

Student Conduct Issues

If applicable, students will need to clear any pending issues with the Center for Community Standards and Accountability and the Office of the Associate Vice President for Equity and Title IX Officer before August 1 for a fall return, December 1 for a spring return and May 1 for a summer return.

Medical Circumstances

Students whose leave request indicated medical circumstances as at least part of the reason for that request will be required to present a treating clinician’s current evaluation of the medical condition to the relevant health office (Student Health and Counseling). The College, in consultation with these offices, will determine whether the results of the evaluation suffice to satisfy the conditions set forth in the original message granting approval for the leave.

Students on Financial Hold

Students who have been placed on financial hold by Student Financial Services office must resolve these issues and have the hold cleared before August 1 for a fall return, December 1 for a spring return and May 1 for a summer return.