Checklist: Before Leaving

Below is a list of services you may need to notify before leaving campus. Please know that once your status has been processed, your PennCard will be deactivated.

Student Registration and Financial Services

Review the Student Financial Services Leave of Absence Checklist to understand your obligations, and then meet with a financial aid counselor to discuss how your status may impact your finances and student loans. Be aware that delinquency on your student loans can make you ineligible for further aid and may make it impossible for you to return to Penn.

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

If you are living in a fraternity or sorority house, you will need to contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs to be sure that your occupancy agreement is cancelled.

Dining Services

Visit the Dining Services office to complete a cancellation form for the meal contract. A cancellation fee may be charged.

International Student and Scholar Services

If you are an international student, contact International Student and Scholar Services and talk with your ISSS advisor about any change in your student status. You will be required to update your student visa.

If you submit an e-form through the iPenn system, contact an advisor in the College Office, 215.898.6341, to let them know that a form is waiting to be processed. It is not automatically approved.

Student Health and Counseling

Check with the Insurance Coordinator at Student Health and Counseling about how your change in status will affect your coverage, policies and procedures. Students on leave of absence are covered by the general fee through the academic year of the leave.

Check with your private insurance carrier regarding your health coverage during your leave of absence. Some insurance providers discontinue coverage if a student is not enrolled full time at a college or university.

Office of Student Conduct

You must clear any pending issues with the Office of Student Conduct before your return. Failure to do so will result in a disciplinary hold that will prevent you from registering for classes or from getting copies of your transcript should you choose to transfer.

Housing and Conference Services

If the semester has not yet begun, contact Housing and Conference Services to confirm that your contract was cancelled.

If you are leaving after the semester has started, advise your House Dean of your departure. Visit the Housing Office to get the early termination form and have it signed by the appropriate staff member. Once Housing has received the form, the contract will be canceled. A cancellation fee may be charged. In some cases, the fee may be reduced or waived through an appeal process overseen by Housing and Conference Services.

The College Office will notify the Housing office of your status, but you still need to follow all the procedures.