CaseNet is an academic support team in the College Office charged with providing a centralized response to all College students in academic difficulty.

CaseNet advisors respond to messages from faculty, staff and others who have concerns about a particular student and can be reached at or by calling 215.898.6341. After meeting with such students directly, the contact will ensure that the student is referred to the appropriate academic or personal support resources and follow up with the student’s advisor as necessary.

The following represent a few examples of cases that should be referred to CaseNet:

  • Students who are ill or otherwise prevented from attending class for more than five days.
  • Students in serious academic difficulty.
  • Students who are hospitalized or who have other kinds of acute problems (victim of crime, etc.) that interrupt their normal schedule.
  • Students who are experiencing personal or family concerns significant enough to interfere with their academic work or to impinge on those around them, including a death in the family.