Policies Governing Bio-Dental Submatriculation

  • Students must apply to the seven-year Bio-Dental submatriculation program at the time of application to Penn. Their status will be reviewed at the end of their sophomore year when they declare the biology major. Admission into the program is conditional upon the student's academic performance in their three years of College, the g.p.a. in the sciences taken in the College, and the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) score.
  • Students must apply to the Dental School again when they have completed 28 of the 36 c.u. required for the B.A. with a biology major. (All 28 c.u. must be College of Arts and Sciences courses, i.e., not Wharton, Engineering, etc.)
  • If admitted to the program, four Dental School courses will be counted toward the biology major and four courses will count as Free Electives in the College.
  • The student may elect to opt out of the program, in which case he or she may complete the undergraduate degree with a biology major or even choose a different major.

For further information please contact Dr. Gary Purpura in the College Office.