Policies Governing the B.A./J.D. Submatriculation

  • Prospective applicants to the B.A./J.D. program should have fulfilled most—if not all—of their undergraduate degree requirements by what is generally a student's junior year (between 16 and 23.99 c.u.).
  • A prospective applicant should have a g.p.a. of 3.4 or above to apply.
  • Following matriculation to the Law School, four College courses (400-level or above) must be taken and will be counted toward both the B.A. and the J.D. These courses must be approved by a Law School advisor.
  • Up to four Law School courses may be counted toward the B.A., either as free electives (as long as the student has taken a total of sixteen College courses outside the major) or as major-related courses (as approved by the major advisor).
  • No more than 8 courses in all can be double counted toward both degrees. Students must satisfy all the requirements for the J.D. during their fourth, fifth and sixth years of study.
  • Students in the program must complete an advanced-level seminar or independent study in their major field of study by the time they have completed 23.99 c.u.


Students apply to the Law School for admission to this program in the fall semester of their junior year. The application includes an essay explaining the relationship between his or her experience in the College and the study of law and a proposed plan of study developed in consultation with the College advisor.

Please visit the how to apply page for more information.  Please note, either the LSAT, GRE or GMAT is required.
Although the Law School makes the final decision about acceptance into the submatriculation program, the student's application must also be approved by the College committee.

Students who are serious about this program should contact Dr. Hocine Fetni at 215.898.6341 for an appointment to discuss their plans.

Inquiries about the J.D. requirements should be addressed to the Penn Law School Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, contactadmissions@law.upenn.edu.