Policies Impacting Athletes

Like all student athletes at Penn, College athletes must meet certain academic eligibility standards set by the NCAA, the Ivy League, and the University.

Grade Point Average

In order to be fully eligible to compete in intercollegiate athletics, students must keep their g.p.a. at or above a 2.0, maintain full-time student status, earn at a minimum 1.5 c.u. applicable toward the degree each term (important for student athletes who wish to study abroad) and complete an average of at least eight c.u. per academic year. Students whose academic performance falls below these standards may, in some circumstances, retain eligibility to compete by designing, with the help of Dr. Gary Purpura and the Academic Coordinator for Athletics, an Academic Enhancement Plan and completing the terms set out in that plan. Student athletes enrolled in the College are also required to have a declared major by the beginning of their junior year. Any questions about these or any other eligibility issues should be referred to Dr. Gary Purpura in the College Office.

Declaring a Major

Athletes must be declared by the beginning of junior year to retain eligibility.

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