Athletic Eligibility

In order to be fully eligible to compete in intercollegiate athletics, student-athletes must:

  • keep their g.p.a. at or above a 2.0,
  • maintain enrollment in at least 3 c.u. each term,
  • earn at a minimum 1.5 c.u. applicable toward the degree each term,
  • complete an average of at least 8 c.u. per academic year,
  • have a declared major by the beginning of junior year, and
  • maintain the appropriate percentage of degree requirements

These are a few of the eligibility requirements. There are additional minimum academic year (fall/spring) earned c.u. requirements. Student-athletes with questions should check with the College Eligibility Officer and Athletics.

Student-athletes considering study abroad should discuss eligibility requirements early with the College Eligibility Officer and Athletics.
Student-athletes whose academic performance falls below these standards may, in some circumstances, retain eligibility to compete by designing, with the help of Dr. Niel McDowell and the Academic Coordinator for Athletics, an Academic Enhancement Plan and completing the terms set out in that plan. Any questions about these or any other eligibility issues should be referred to Dr. Niel McDowell in the College Office.

Also see policies on Class Attendance and Risks of Being Under-Enrolled.