Advanced Placement and the Sector Requirement

The Sector Requirement may not be satisfied with advanced placement credit (including A-Levels, IB and other similar credit based on external examination). In addition, credit awarded by departmental exam can not be used to fulfill the Sector Requirement.

  • Students who receive an advanced placement credit or waiver in a Living World or Physical World field (physics, environmental science, psychology), and who take a more advanced course at Penn in that subject, may use the additional course to fulfill the relevant sector. In the case of psychology, students who receive an advanced placement waiver for PSYC 001 (Introduction to Experimental Psychology) or successfully complete PSYC 001 at Penn may use any odd-numbered 100-level psychology course to fulfill the relevant sector.
  • Pre-college credit, transfer credit, credit away and credit earned studying abroad may be counted toward the Sector Requirement only when departments award credit use the number of a Penn course approved for the Sector Requirement.