Now that you are juniors, you have certainly declared a major and you should  be looking at your overall educational goals. Many of you are abroad or are planning to study abroad next semester or in the summer.

Please be sure to stay in touch with your academic advisors to ensure that you are meeting graduation requirements and your major/minor advisors to keep on track with your major or minor requirements. Try to maintain an up-to-date Academic Planning Worksheet on Penn InTouch. Your advisors will help you.

Those of you who are currently abroad or planning to go in the spring term should be in contact with departments and major advisors for appropriate credit approvals. You should also check in with your program manager at Penn Abroad and the assistant dean in the College Office for your program  to ensure that you are taking the appropriate steps for receiving credit. When you return from study abroad you should touch base with the assistant dean in the College Office so that your credits can be posted in a timely manner.

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