Upcoming Events

Oct 24 Family Weekend
Oct 27 Advance Registration Begins
Oct 27 Dec Grad Deadline: Declare Minor
Oct 27 Dec Grads: Check Worksheet on Penn InTouch
Oct 27 Dec Grad Deadline: Graduation Application
Oct 27 Dec Grad Deadline: Notify Major/Minor Dept.
Oct 28 Major Dinner: CWIC
Oct 29 Major Dinner: Modern Middle Eastern Studies
Nov 01 Homecoming
Nov 04 Major Dinner: Anthropology
Nov 05 Major Dinner: History
Nov 06 Major Dinner: English
Nov 07 Last Day to Withdraw from a Course
Nov 09 Advance Registration Ends
Nov 11 Major Dinner: Undergrad Research-CURF
Nov 25 Follow Thursday's Class Schedule
Nov 26 Follow Friday's Class Schedule
Nov 27 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 01 Classes Resume
Dec 01 Dec Grad Deadline: All Pre-Fall 2014 Grades Resolved
Dec 09 Last Day of Class
Dec 10 Reading Days
Dec 12 Final Exams
Dec 19 Fall Term Ends
Jan 02 Dec Grad Deadline: All Grades Posted and Obligations Met
Jan 14 First Day of Spring Semester
Jan 19 Martin Luther King Day Observed
Jan 26 Last Day to Add a Writing Seminar or Language Course
Feb 02 Course Selection Period Ends
Feb 16 Registration Begins: May Graduation Ceremony
Feb 20 Drop and Pass/Fail Periods End
Mar 02 Request Accessible Seating for University Commencement
Mar 07 Spring Break Begins
Mar 16 Deadline: May Graduation Ceremony Registration
Mar 16 Classes Resume
Mar 23 Advance Registration Begins
Mar 27 Last Day to Withdraw from a Course
Apr 05 Advance Registration Ends
Apr 24 Deadline: Accessible Seating for Graduation Ceremony
Apr 29 Last Day of Class
Apr 30 Reading Days
May 04 Final Exams
May 12 Spring Term Ends
May 16 Alumni Day
May 17 College Graduation Ceremony
May 17 2015 University Baccalaureate
May 18 2015 University Commencement
May 25 Memorial Day Observed
May 26 First Summer Session Begins
Jul 01 First Summer Session Ends
Jul 02 Second Summer Session Begins
Jul 04 Independence Day Observed
Aug 07 Second Summer Session Ends