Policies Governing Retaking a Course

Students who receive an F in a course may retake the course for credit. Both the new grade and the original F will be tabulated into the final g.p.a.; a course unit will be awarded if the student receives a passing grade.

If a student fails a course that is required for a major, he or she should think carefully before taking the course again, since poor performance in an introductory course may indicate a need to consider another major.

Some students opt to repeat a course in order to demonstrate their ability to achieve a better grade. If a student retakes a course for which he or she has received a passing grade (including a P in a pass/fail course), the second grade will be recorded on the transcript, but it will not be counted in the student's cumulative average, and no additional credit will be awarded for it.

Please note: A few courses offered at Penn are sufficiently alike that the College will not grant credit for both if both are taken. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Physics 101 and Physics 150
  • Statistics 101 and 111
  • Mathematics 114 and 115.

Students should check with a College advisor if there are any questions.

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