About Undergraduate Research

The value of research lies in the work as much as the product.

Research reinforces and instills mastery of academic skills: how to formulate a question or hypothesis, how to gather evidence, and how to answer that question or test that hypothesis.

One of the major advantages of being an undergraduate at a research university is the wide variety of opportunities available for scholarship. Research in the College encompasses a range of activities. In some disciplines, such as English, philosophy and history, students read original works, or the primary literature, and look for new connections and interpretations of these writings. In areas such as anthropology or history of art, students study artifacts, works of art or ancient languages, gaining insights on earlier civilizations and the lives of those who contributed to them. Some students do research in biology, chemistry or psychology, seeking insights on genetic coding, molecular structure or animal behaviors.

Sometimes, students may receive independent study credit for research activities and scholarship, or receive work-study funds or stipends from faculty grants.

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