Using the Academic Planning Worksheet

The Worksheet

The Academic Planning Worksheet on Penn InTouch helps students plan their academic program and track their progress toward fulfilling College Requirements.

There are a variety of actions possible, most of them from the control bar at the bottom of the worksheet:

  • The “Auto-Assign” function will slot some courses into appropriate bubbles. It is important to note that this function does not automatically double-count courses between more than one requirement, even when it is possible, and that it does not slot some portions of most majors and minors (especially the electives). These actions must be done manually by the student or an advisor.
  • The “Satisfy” option in the “Action” drop-down menu allows users to slot a particular course into a particular requirement – select “Satisfy,” highlight the course in the list along the right side of the screen and the requirement into which it is to be placed, and then click “Submit.” The worksheet will indicate whether the course is approved for the relevant requirement. Please note that major and minor advisors can, where appropriate, override the worksheet to slot courses in that they are willing to approve.
  • The “Plan” option in the “Action” drop-down menu allows users to plan to fulfill a requirement with a course in the future – select “Plan,” enter the course number in the “PLAN with course” field, along with the term in which it is to be taken, highlight the relevant requirement on the worksheet, and then click “Submit.”

Since the worksheet does not automatically slot in all courses that could be used for a particular student’s program, it is important for students to meet regularly with pre-major, College, and major/minor advisors to have the worksheet updated.

The worksheet also offers a g.p.a. calculator function (in the upper right corner) that allows users to calculate the g.p.a. for any selection of courses with final grades.

In all cases, students should be aware that the worksheet is meant to be a dynamic document, changing as the student’s plans and coursework change.

The worksheet is an important tool for newly matriculated transfer students. For this reason transfer students are encouraged to meet with their College advisor after their transfer credits have been posted. This advisor will help determine which approved courses fulfill College Requirements and what remains to be taken. ("Equivalent Credit" may be used in the same way as any course taken at Penn.)

Many departments award “Generic Credit” which counts toward the degree but does not automatically fulfill a requirement. Pre-major and/or major advisors will help determine how these credits apply. Transfer students must take half of their total courses, and those in the major, at Penn.