Academically Based Community Service Courses

Academically Based Community Service Courses (ABCS) are service courses rooted in, and intrinsically linked to, teaching and research. With an emphasis on student and faculty reflection, ABCS is committed to linking theory and practice through activities that make a significant difference in the community of West Philadelphia and at Penn.

Supported by the Netter Center for Community Partnerships, Academically Based Community Service (ABCS) courses involve hands-on, real-world problem solving and work to build a sustained engagement that transforms students into active community members and citizens. Through their work with West Philadelphia public schools, communities of faith and community organizations, ABCS faculty and students work to solve critical community issues in a variety of areas, such as the environment, health, arts and education. Over 160 ABCS courses from diverse schools and disciplines across the University have engaged in work in West Philadelphia through the Netter Center for Community Partnerships.

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