Prospective Students

Tradition Meets Innovation

Engaging Beyond the Classroom

The College of Arts Sciences is the intellectual home for disciplines, programs, and research where tradition meets innovation. Our world-renowned faculty engage with students to turn the theoretical and experimental ideas formed in the classroom into practical applications used to remedy problems facing our world. And Philadelphia itself serves as a large, non-traditional classroom for our students to explore questions of science, society, humanities and the arts. 

Community Engagement 

Community engagement is an essential part of the College’s curriculum where students can connect with real issues through a freshman seminar like Music in Urban Spaces, or an academically-based community service course in environmental studies that investigates the link between children with lead poisoning and soil contamination in parts of West Philadelphia. 

Further Afield 

Students connect with communities far beyond Philadelphia by studying and interning abroad on one of our 150+ programs from Accra to Zurich. They also do summer internships in government through Penn-in-Washington, or head to Hollywood to learn about the film industry.


Students work with faculty members in genomics labs, on archeological digs in Tuscany, and in Philadelphia studying the history of jazz. These experiences often lead students to publish and present their findings with faculty mentors. Students find that research not only informs how they approach future academic work, but also provides great practical experience.