Prospective Students

Advising and Support

Advising for students begins before they even arrive on campus. We recognize that the rich array of courses, majors and co-curricular educational opportunities available at Penn can be overwhelming. The advising system is, therefore, designed to help you learn how to navigate the many options available at a major research university like Penn and get the most out of your years here.

Each student in the College is assigned an academic advisor who is a member of either the School of Arts and Sciences faculty or professional staff. This “pre-major” advisor will work with you throughout your first two years at Penn to assist in planning courses each semester and to help you as you define your intellectual identity and career goals. Once you have declared a major by the fourth semester, you will be assigned an advisor from that department or program in addition to your pre-major advisor with whom a trustworthy relationship has been formed.

You will also have various other informal advising opportunities available to you. Peer advisors provide student perspectives and professional advisors from offices such as Career Services and the Office of International Programs will lend their expertise. But most important above all, the faculty you encounter in your classes will contribute in their own ways to your academic trajectory and help you to decide what really matters to you.

Check out these additional ways we support our students: