Prospective Students


Our faculty should be a significant reason why you want to come to Penn. Just like our students, the Penn faculty is diverse, talented, caring and passionate about learning. They are Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize-winners. They discover cures for illnesses, compose Grammy Award-winning music, and advise heads of state. You have undoubtedly investigated other prestigious universities who also have fantastic professors, but Penn is unique in one notable way: All of our faculty teach undergraduates. That’s pretty unheard of. We don’t hire faculty, no matter how brilliant, who aren’t interested in the teaching mission of the College of Arts and Sciences.

In the College at Penn, 95% of courses are taught by faculty, not by graduate students, so you will get to know your professors. What’s more, 70-75% of classes had 25 or fewer students last year. Our faculty welcome your contributions to lectures, large and small, and hold office hours working very closely with Penn's talented graduate students to make sure your academic needs are met. And, by the way, when you do encounter a graduate student as a teaching assistant or instructor, you won’t be disappointed. They lead discussion sections of large lectures called recitations and assist professors in grading, and grad students in the School of Arts and Sciences will be the Ivy League faculty of tomorrow, so many undergraduates find they are both knowledgeable and accessible.

Penn faculty encourage undergraduates to participate in research in every discipline, and many of them even live in the College Houses (student residences). Check out the related links for more details on these topics.