Prospective Students


A virtually unlimited array of academic opportunities await you in Penn’s College of Arts and Sciences, so don't worry if you're still unsure of the path that lies before you. A majority of students are undecided about their major when they arrive at Penn. In fact, of the 50% who identify a major on the application, half of them change their minds, too! Our flexible curriculum is designed to frame opportunities for you, and our unusually extensive advising network will help you navigate them. So after exploring course offerings through both a General Education requirement and on their own, many students change directions and begin a course of study they never considered before. That’s why a broad education is so fulfilling: it will change and empower you to make an impact on the complex world in which we all live.          

The College's curriculum engages students in two important ways: it provides a broad education across a range of disciplines through a General Education requirement, and it offers a specialized education through a particular major. So whether you have a sense of your intended field of study, or have too many interests to decide just yet, the College's General Education requirement will expose you to many fields that together make up our 56 majors. This process will either help you to find a major, or will complement the academic major you have already chosen to pursue by exposing you to areas outside that field. This will be important once you begin to see how historically unrelated disciplines are, in fact, connected in the bigger scheme of things.

In this section, you’ll learn more about the College’s curriculum, majors and other unique academic options.