If a course is full or closed, it may be possible for a student to be admitted to the course by means of a permit.

  • To add a writing seminar, students should email
  • For other courses, students should email the instructor. It is up to each course instructor to decide whether to issue permits.
  • Students should be sure to claim a permit as soon as it is issued.

Most courses in the College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) are available to College of Arts and Sciences students, though some are not. Students are advised to check the course descriptions for details.  LPS courses during the academic year are identified by a 601 section number (e.g. GEOL 100-601).

Some seats in these courses will be reserved for LPS students. If none of the non-reserved seats are available through Advance Registration, students should continue to try to register during the Course Selection Period.

On the second day of the semester, any remaining seats will be opened for all students. Permits will not be issued if the course has been filled.

Claiming the Permit

In all these cases, if a permit is issued, it will appear on the “Register for Courses” screen of Penn InTouch, along the right margin. When it does so, the student will be able to add the course using the normal process. Students should be aware that unclaimed permits will expire, so they should be sure to claim the permit as soon as it is issued.