Dear Members of the Class of 2021

Welcome to Penn and to the College of Arts and Sciences! We know you are looking forward to the exciting and life-transforming opportunities that await you. We would like to direct your attention to the first steps in that journey.

Your primary guide for academic information and next steps in the College can be found online in Compass which is in Penn's learning management system, Canvas. A tool you will eventually use for many of your classes. Compass will answer many of your initial questions and present new ideas that you may want to incorporate into your academic plans. You will need to move through Compass, complete the Advising Questionnaire and speak with your pre-major advisor in order to request fall courses by July 14th.

For more information about accessing Compass, see below.

Should you and your advisor agree that you will need a math course here at Penn, the results from Penn’s Math Diagnostic in Canvas will help determine your best placement. You have already been enrolled in the Diagnostic and can find further instructions in Compass on how to proceed.

You will have countless decisions to make this summer and throughout your time at Penn, but rest assured that you will not have to make them alone. In mid-June, you will receive another email from the College Office with contact information for your peer and pre-major advisors. Your pre-major advisor will help you craft your academic path this summer and over the next two years at Penn.

Once again, welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences and we'll be back in touch in mid-June.

Sincerely Yours,

Andrew Binns
Interim Dean of the College, Professor of Biology

Janet Tighe
Dean of Freshmen and Director of Academic Advising


You should have an invitation to join Compass in your email inbox. Please accept the invitation to join.

If you do not have an invitation in your inbox, go to Canvas (where Compass is hosted), choose "Courses" on the left-hand menu, choose "Compass" and then accept the invitation to join.

If you have any questions including those that pertain to Compass, please call the College Office at 215.898.6341.

249 S 36th St
Philadelphia, PA | 19104

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